• L

    From the beginning lions are the root inspiration for our organization's growth. We proudly build our knowledge and expertise upon values that they represent in our culture.

  • I

    With our daily work and choices of projects, we would love to contribute to sustainable world, where with progressing technology and global changes, lions among other living creatures can keep living unbothered by human activity.

  • O

    Unfortunately, current environment transformations and human impact cause drastic decrease in the population of lions. We won't stay indifferent.

  • N

    We have decided to act strongly and establish collaboration with the Zoo Silesia in Chorzów. By virtually adopting a beautiful lioness, we provide our attention and support to their ongoing care keeping.

  • S

    It is also a gesture of great appreciation for the whole institution and it's employees' engagement into educational activities and building environmental awareness among our community.

Did you know?

  • A Lion eats 2,5 tons of meat annually.
  • The species is under strict protection, mainly due to the loss of natural habitat and decreasing access to food.
  • There is only a small pool of Lions living in their natural habitat outside Africa.
  • Lions are the only big cats that are not loners. They form communities that sometimes group over ten lions together.

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