Many frameworks, great result

Language of the powerful frontend

Why JavaScript?

  • Modern frontend

    A plenty of frameworks (React, Vue, Angular) that help developers shape better applications

  • API integrations

    Developers can fetch data from other sources using JS

  • Mobile-friendly

    With React Native you are able to create web components once and use them in web and mobile apps

  • Server-side code

    Developers can use Node.js to write both client-side and server-side code in JavaScript

Great companies use it!

Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and many other trusted JavaScript

Is JavaScript a solution for my company?

Implementation Stories


Digital transformation

Spin-off company as a Digital Transformation example - Case Study Advisero

What clients say

  • We really enjoy working with the LEOCODE team. They were able to help us at the time when we needed a competent IT team with high ownership. They adapted to our communication style which improved the progress of work a lot. If you struggle with some IT challenge in your company, LEOCODE is a perfect team to talk to

    Dawid, CTO of the cryptocurrency exchange platform

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