Quality control process

Our way to deliver quality

Team Building

Every product is a separate story – it requires a different expertise. The team must be assembled to match skills required by the project.

Early Testing

The quality is being developed from the very beginning. The process starts yet before the project has a tangible form.


Agile approach gives a power to connect design with development and control the quality on every level of detail during the whole process.


User stories, test scenarios, business goals, custom solutions and every elaborated know-how is the value, which must be preserved.

Top-notch quality

Only by reviewing the system on levels from the small feature, through full user stories, up to big picture it is possible to deliver the best quality products.

Our approach to testing
Testing in multi dimension

We provide Quality Control in Scrum-like methodology.

We test web & mobile apps, we run integration & system tests. We do cross-device, cross-browser, regression, and customer acceptance testing.

We maintain the project, user, and test documentation. We take care of user stories, defects, and use cases.

We cover it all.

Our test tools
Toolkit to help deliver the high-quality software

We manage our tasks and tickets with Jira or Trello. We plan our tests with tools like Hiptests, Nuclino, and Google Docs.

We deploy test automation armed with Nightwatch (JavaScript), PyCharm (Python), Visual Studio Code, Atom, Selenium Web Driver, Katalon Studio, Git Repositories. Finally, for testing we employ Browserstack.


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