Rescue Mission Team

Despite the best intentions, it's not easy to predict all the challenges that you will have to overcome. We assemble special forces to support your project on the rough patch.

We will be ready to help you with your project within next 24h. We guarantee 100% privacy.

Our efficacy lays in looking at sudden challenges from many perspective at a time

Our Rescue Mission Team will get right to the bottom of the problem, discover and resolve issues from specific technology struggles to high level strategic and organizational conundrums.

Most frequent Rescue Mission calls for action

  • Technology

    Project requires technology beyond available tech stack.

  • Code base

    Client's team needs extra support in quality control, refactoring and documentation.

  • Usability

    Usability issues appear, product gets bad reviews or low conversion rate. UX design needs extra attention.

  • Business Environemnt

    Development digital solution is not answering to all the requirements of key stakeholders. Product strategy needs extra attention and re-work.

  • Low budget

    Support in prioritization of future product functionalities. Consultation in difficult strategic decisions.

  • Short Terms

    All hands on board. Selected team members and expert consultants speed up the process with their knowledge and skills set.

  • Communication issues

    You can't seem to agree on anything with your current provider? Discover new quality of communication.

  • Quality audit

    If you have any doubts about technology, quality, work efficiency, let us verify it.

What our clients say about our Rescue Mission Team

  • I've been working with many software houses or developers for more than 20 years. And I want to say one thing (and I do mean it): I have never ever had such great collaboration experience as with LEOCODE.

    Michał Marcinik, CEO AdTonos
  • LEOCODE team was able to help us at the time when we needed a competent IT team with high ownership. If you struggle with some IT challenge in your company, LEOCODE is a perfect team to talk to.

    Dawid, CTO of the cryptocurrency exchange platform

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