Ruby on Rails

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We shape highly-scalable web applications using Ruby and Ruby on Rails

Why Ruby on Rails?

  • You can sell more faster

    A robust e-commerce application that helps you make more business

  • Testing standards

    Rails have developed a strong focus on testing and have good testing frameworks which make development easier.

  • Quick set-up

    The programmer does not have to spend a lot of time configuring files in order to get setup, Rails comes with a set of conventions which help speed up development.

  • MVPs

    With Ruby on Rails, creating applications fast is pleasurable.

Great companies use it!

AirBnB, Yellow Pages, Groupon, Channel 5 and many other trusted Ruby on Rails

Is Ruby on Rails a solution for my company?

Implementation Stories


Prywatne: Remote Tech Team

Remote tech team in the fashion Industry - Case Study UK

What clients say

  • We really enjoy working with the LEOCODE team. They were able to help us at the time when we needed a competent IT team with high ownership. They adapted to our communication style which improved the progress of work a lot. If you struggle with some IT challenge in your company, LEOCODE is a perfect team to talk to

    Dawid, CTO of the cryptocurrency exchange platform

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