How to reduce customer service costs by as much as 30%?

There are many ways to optimize costs or increase the efficiency of your customer service department. If you are a manager, you are faced with a difficult choice. What to invest in to achieve the best results?

In the last 2 years, the best investment has been the implementation of chatbots. A chatbot is an application whose task is to have conversations using natural language or text interface and (simulated or imitated) human behavior. If you are interested in how chatbots can reduce your customer service costs while maintaining high standards of customer service and satisfaction, come to my webinar on 30 July, at 11:00. I will give you examples of some interesting, but most of all effective implementations of chatbots in customer service departments.  

How can a chatbot make a real difference in your organization?

This technology is successfully used in marketing, sales and HR departments, but most of its implementations can be observed in customer service departments. The Internet is full of stories in which the implementation of a chatbot resulted in an increase in employee productivity, an increase in customer satisfaction (by 22% – according to Globe Telecom) or a reduction in the number of calls to the helpline. 


We had the opportunity to face interesting challenges during the implementation and today, already at the stage of designing the next chatbots, we use this experience.

We are currently implementing an advanced chatbot for an insurance company employing over 30 people only in the first line of customer service. The service department receives about 100 queries per hour. According to our calculations, 70-80% of these queries can be handled by chatbot. This is an excellent result, considering today’s costs of hiring and retaining employees.


If you’ve ever heard of chatbots…

…you most probably know the platforms that allow you to create your own ones. Unfortunately, a bot built in this way is not smart and only responds according to the planned and pre-arranged paths. If your company needs a more advanced chatbot, one that understands natural language and learns from real conversations conducted by consultants, you will need a dedicated implementation. This type of implementation is carried out by LEOCODE together with our partner Advisero. 

You’re probably wondering where else you can use chatbots. You’ll be surprised, but we’ve consulted an implementation in a pizzeria, among others. In this case, the scope concerned the automation of pizza orders throughout the country, answering the most frequently asked questions and support in making purchasing decisions.


But chatbots are not only for customer service.

They are also a great tool for generating leads.


One of our implementations, a chatbot called Mrs. Ala, helps to choose the best suited loan and credit offers, directing potential customers to institutions offering financial services.

Would you like to hear more about successful implementations of chatbots in customer service and their benefits for organizations? Join our webinar on 30 July at 11:00. Click on the banner below  (or in the sidebar on the right) to sign up.

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