Looking for a Software Team from Central Europe?

Looking for a Software Team from Central Europe?

Who should read this eBOOK?

This eBook is directed to all the executives who are responsible for choosing the most effective way of scaling their IT teams and is specifically for CTOs and CEOs. Whether you already have a functioning IT team or you’re just starting to digitalize your company, it doesn’t matter. If you’re facing any difficulties at all in finding IT talent to fit your needs, this eBook is for you.

You might find yourself in a situation where you need to scale a communicative team by building up a team of skilled software developers with a high sense of ownership and you need to do it fast.

It’s not easy to find competent tech engineers even if you’re not in a rush – short deadlines don’t make it any easier though!

What's inside

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Practical guide on how to find your dream team in just 14 days with a simple and replicable process.

Handy infographics and spreadsheets allowing you to quickly compare rates and other decisive factors.

Exclusive link allowing to schedule a consultation worth 100 € for FREE.

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