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Why are Security Tokens the real game changer?

Asset-backed tokens

You can tokenize anything that comes to mind: real estate, green energy, equity, debt, jewellery art, and more!

Liquidity from day one

You can instantly trade your Security Tokens and take full advantage of accessing new liquidity pools.

Leveraging smart contracts

Security Tokens are supported by smart contracts that ensure the speed and the security of all investments.


Security Tokens can be traded 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Legal recognition

Security Tokens follow local laws regarding securities in all major European jurisdictions. They are safe, 100% legal, and trustworthy.

LEOCODE offers advisory and development services that cover all stages of the STO life cycle.

1. A free consultation for Security Token Offerings.

2. A dedicated workshop which will help to recognize the most important aspects of your business:
• Business model canvas.
• Working on personas.
• Value proposition canvas.
• Value effort canvas for MVP.

3. This leads to proposal of:
• Blockchain platform.
• KYC/AML services proposal.
• Custody services and wallet integrations proposal.
• Smart contracts’ development.
• Strategy and roadmaps creation.

Our process

A step-by-step guide to successful implementation

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  • LEOCODE is not only a great tech company, they also think about the business side of a new venture. They work hard and deliver results. Advisero have found a great software development partner

    Ireneusz Glensczyk, Co-founder of Advisero

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