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  • 🛠️ Skilled IT Talents

    17K Experienced Software Architects and Fractional CTOs ready to solve technical puzzles

  • 🏎️ Fast MVPs

    Product-market fit verified with Nocode/Lowcode solutions (Bubble, Webflow etc).

  • ⚙️ Due Dilligence

    Strong visibility of startups health status. Regular monitoring for good decisions.

  • 🤖 Automations for VCs

    Make your life easy with automated dealflow and analysis

  • 🤓 WISE framework

    Build a software like a PRO with proven methods and frameworks

  • 📈 Fractional CTO

    With the growing number of fractional roles and architects we can solve tech puzzle quickly

  • 🧐 Technical DDD

    With the right map and industry knowledge we make better decisions and code implementations

  • 🤖 AI solutions

    Automate things that don't require manual work anymore with the power of LLMs

  • ⚠️ Cybersecurity

    Make sure users and their data are properly protected

From MVP to IPO

We scale api-first and enterprise startups with software

Happy clients

  • LEOCODE is not only a great tech company, they also think about the business side of a new venture. They work hard and deliver results. Advisero have found a great software development partner

    Ireneusz Glensczyk, Co-founder of Advisero
  • I've been working with many software houses or developers for more than 20 years. And I want to say one thing (and I do mean it): I have never ever had such great collaboration experience as with LEOCODE.

    Michał Marcinik, CEO AdTonos

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